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CSUK's ReviseCS

From video lessons to online quizzes, the site offers everything a student needs for success in their CS GCSE.

Students looking to get an individual account, simply visit the site and sign up!

Teachers looking to acquire accounts for students, purchase a 'ReviseCS Teacher Subscription' and create as many groups and accounts as you like.



CSUK's Teacher

Trusted by Computer Science teachers across the world, CSUK:Teacher offers a huge range of tried and tested computer science teaching resources.

Covering the KS3, GCSE and A-Level curriculums, a subscription to this website will save you hours and hours of planning time, giving you a little more of your life back!




CSUK's Quiz-Bits will soon provide subscribing teachers the opportunity to assess their students in a range of online quizzes, with questions that map directly to the teaching resources offered at CSUK:Teacher.

Subscribing teachers will be able to create unlimited groups and accounts and will be able to track their student's performance using a number of different data analytics tools.