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KS3 Data Representation Lessons – plus HTML & CSS, Python Programming and Game Making

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8.1 – My Digital World
In this unit of work, students will learn how to use the internet safely and effectively. They will learn about copyright law, search engines (including the use of Boolean logic for effective searching) and they will also learn about the dangers of the internet and ways to combat these dangers.
8.2 – Binary Bits and Bobs
Binary Bits and Bobs introduces students to the binary number system, converting between binary and denary and simple binary addition. Students will also be taught how (and why) characters, images and sound are represented by the binary system.
8.3 – Introduction Python
In this unit, students will be introduced to programming in the Python programming language. They will learn how to print messages to the screen, ask the user to input data and stores this data in variables. They will also understand how computers make decisions and consequently learn how to program IF statements.
8.4 – HTML and CSS
Students will be reminded of some basic HTML syntax (as covered in the year 7 unit) and will be introduced to CSS so that they can understand how to better present their webpages. They will learn how to add gradient backgrounds, add page borders, curve images and reorganise content on the page with the help of DIV tags.
8.5 – Scratch Shooter Game
In this unit, students will create a platform shooter game. They will learn how to implement gravity in their games as well as code a simple shooter (along with levels and other gaming features).

KS3 Data Representation Lessons
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