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9.1 – More Python Programming
Continuing on from the year 8 unit of work which introduced the Python programming language, students will reinforce their understanding of inputs, outputs, variables and selection through the means of a variety of programming challenges. Students will also be taught the programming structure of iteration. They will learn how FOR and WHILE loops work and will code these structures in a range of programs.
9.2 – Back to the Future
This unit takes a look back in time at the history of computers focusing on some key computer scientists including George Boole, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Charles Babbage and Alan Turing. In each lesson, students will not only learn what these great scientist achieved, they will also ‘practice’ their science / innovations through a range of class activities.
9.3 – Computer Networks
Computer Networks is currently a short unit of work consisting of only 2 lessons. Students will be introduced to Local Area Networks (LANS), the hardware of a local network, the workings of the Internet, how the WWW and Internet differ and how data travels around a network (e.g. Data Packets).
9.4 – Scrolling Game Maker
In this unit, students will continue to develop their skills in programming a computer game in Scratch and in particular, they will be introduced to programming a ‘scrolling background’.

KS3 Data Representation Lessons
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