I’ve signed up but can still only access the sample materials.

Once you have become a member, the links on the homepage will continue to only take you to the sample materials. However, the menu bar will become unlocked and will give you access to all pages of the site. So use the menu bar to access the resources.

I’ve paid via paypal but can’t log on to the site.

Once you have paid on the paypal website, you will be returned to the ComputerScienceUK website. You must at this point press the ‘complete sign up process’ button. Failure to do this will result in failure of the sign up process. Money will not leave your paypal account and an account will not be created. Simply try again ensuring that you click the ‘complete sign up process’ button.

When you say ‘coming soon’, how long does this actually mean?

I will always try to produce and publish resources as soon as I can. However, to ensure that the resources produced are of the highest quality, I like to ‘test-drive’ lessons and worksheet before publishing them on the site. For this reason, it should be expected that resources are added during term time, after trying them out with my classes. As the site updates, I will add notifications of updates on the right side bar of the homepage. I will also add ‘update notifications’ to our Facebook page, so please follow us on Facebook!

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