OCR GCSE Computer Science Lessons

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1.1 Systems Architecture The Function of the CPU

The Von Neumann Architecture

CPU Characteristics

1.2 Memory Memory 1

Memory 2

1.3 Storage Secondary Storage
1.4 Wired and Wireless Networks Networking – LANs

Networking – WANs

1.5 Network Topologies, Protocols and Layouts Networking – Wired, WiFi and Protocols
1.6 System Security Networking – System Security
1.7 Software System Software – Operating Systems

System Software – Utility Software

1.8 Issues Ethical, Legal, Cultural and Environmental Concerns
2.1 Algorithms Computational Thinking

Linear and Binary Search Algorithms

The Bubble Sort Algorithm

The Merge Sort Algorithm

The Insertion Sort Algorithm

Algorithms – Flowcharts

Algorithms – Pseudocode

2.2 Programming Techniques Variables, Constants, etc – Theory and Python Practical

Sequence, Selection and Iterations – Selection Python Practical

Sequence, Selection and Iterations – FOR Loops Python Practical

Sequence, Selection and Iterations – WHILE Loops Python Practical

Sequence, Selection and Iterations – Theory

Sequence, Selection and Iterations – The Random Module and a Programming Challenge

String Manipulation Methods and Mini Project

Basic File Handling – Open, Read, Write and Close

Basic File Handling – Using the WITH statement

Basic File Handling – Inserting, Updating and Deleting

Data Structures – 1D Arrays and Lists

Data Structures – 2D Arrays and Lists

Understanding Procedures

Understanding Functions and Parameter Passing

2.3 Robust Programs Producing Robust Programs
2.4 Computational Logic Introduction to Binary

Introduction to Binary Logic

Binary Logic Circuits – Diagram to Truth Table

Binary-Logic – Binary Logic Circuits – Expression to Diagram to Truth Table

2.5 Translators and IDEs Translators and Facilities of Languages
2.6 Data Representation Units

Binary Numbers


Hexadecimal (Part 2)




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