Year 7 Computer Science Lessons

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7.1 – Visual Scratch Programming Introduction to Programming

Variables and IF Statements

Variables and Operators

The Scratch Calculator



7.2 – Computer Hardware What’s a Computer?

What’s Inside a Computer?

How it all works!



7.3 – Introduction to HTML Introduction to HTML

Formatting Text

HTML and Images

HTML and Hyperlinks

Mini Website Project


7.4 – Scratch Game Maker Skills – Movement

Skills – Scoring System

Skills – Programming Levels

Project – Design

Project – Development

Project – Evaluation

7.5 – Advanced Scratch

Skills – Random, IFs and Events

The Magic 8 Ball

Variables and the Display

The Conversion Calculator


Assessment (Coming Soon!)

7.6 – Micro:Bit Madness

Introduction to the MicroBit

Programming a Digital Dice (with Blocks)

Programming a Digital Compass (with Blocks)

Lesson 4 – Creating a Handheld Console – Programming Pong (with Blocks)

Introducing Advanced Programming Skills (with MicroPython)

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