Year 8 Computer Science Lessons

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8.1 – My Digital Work What to Trust Online

How to Search Smart

Copyrights and Copywrongs

Staying Safe Online

Evidencing Cyber-Abuse

8.2 – Binary Bits and Bobs

The Binary Number System

Adding Binary Numbers

ASCII Characters and Code Breaking

Bitmap Images and Cryptic Pictures

How Computer Represent Sound

8.3 – Introduction Python Introduction to Python

Outputs, Inputs and Variables

Data Types and Arithmetic

Selection (IF-ELSE Statements)



8.4 – HTML and CSS

Remembering HTML and Introducing CSS

CSS, Backgrounds and Images

DIV Tags, Page Sections and CSS

CSS, DIVs and Layouts

8.5 – Scratch Shooter Game Skills – Understanding Gravity

Skills – Programming a Shooter

Skills – Baddies and Scoring

Skills – Remembering Levels

Project – Design

Project – Build

Project – Evaluation

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