Python Programming Guides


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If you are not a CSUK subscriber, you can buy and download the ‘Python Programming Guides’ pack for just £19.99.
You will get a set of 15 fully editable presentation files covering all the programming skills required for success at GCSE. The guides cover the following areas:

Inputs and Variables
Data Types and Arithmetic
Multiple Selection
For Loops
While Loops (Iteration 2) (Free Sample)
1D Lists
2D Lists
String Manipulation
File Handling
Functions & Parameter Passing

A great addition to any school’s ‘NEA Resource Bank’.

Purchase and download your pack today!

Copyright Licence Notice: Purchase of this pack comes with a single site licence. The guides can be redistributed to students in your school / college. If hosted on your school’s VLE, access to them must be password protected.

Python Programming Guides